Eight essential tools that you need to install before using Windows

Windows does have many good programs that help you in creating lots of documents, but the most essential once a need to be installed before creating any office document or programming related file. In this list, I’m going to list 8 programs that you need to install before using Windows properly.


Microsoft Office

MS office is the best-known office sought out there. It consists of mainly three programs: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and has many additions like one note, access, Outlook et cetera.

Microsoft Office helps you in creating varieties of files, documents, Excel sheets and presentations for your office work. It also provides you thousands of essential tools to make them better looking.

Google Chrome

It is a web browser provided by the biggest search engine in the town i.e. Google.Go to the official Google page chrome.google.com and download it. It is a very fast installation, and you can also download the off-line installer so that you can install it on various PCs.

Adobe Photoshop


Although this is a photo editing software, it provides a variety of features that helps you in creating very good quality logos, graphics and additional images that help you in making your work better. Most of the professionals create their images in Adobe Photoshop.

VLC media player

It is one of the best mediaplayer out there. VLC provides facilities for playing various media files in various formats using a single player. It can play files like .mkv or .mp4 without any need of external codecs to be installed on your PC.

Camtasia recorder

It is a screen recording tool that provides various functionalities of recording, saving and editing video files with ease. It can correct your audio, video with a good amount of correctness. If you want a more professional editor, you can go to Sony Vegas or Adobe after effects.


Team viewer

It is a very good connecting software that connects to PCs together. You just need to install Team Viewer on your main PC and your partner should have the same software on his. Then you just need to paste the ID of your friend’s team viewer into your own and you can both connect easily.

Internet download manager


IDM is a great tool that helps you in downloading multiple files with the fastest speed that your Internet connection can provide. It has a 30-day trial version, and you can buy it for around $ 20 after the key expires. There are many sites that provide cracked version of IDM but check them before installing because they may have viruses in them.

So, this was my list. If you have any suggestions or queries regarding this article, you can surely contact us or write below.



Six essential tools that every Windows user Must-have

Almost 90% of the world uses Windows, but the most used programs are not pre-installed in the Windows by default. In this list of tools, I will list out the tools that are must haves and provide huge functionality to your existing Windows installation.

Notepad plus plus


The simple notepad that comes with Windows is quite outdated and should be replaced with a well-enhanced software. Notepad plus plus is a third-party program that is freely available and provides all the needs for your common editing, programming, and various other functions.


Mozilla Firefox


Although Windows has updated Internet Explorer in the Windows 10 version but still you need a very good quality third-party browser that can add add-ons, have compatibility with various scripts and other things. My recommended browser would be Firefox, and it has many add-ons for almost all tasks and provide various web development functions with it.



Flux is a small program that helps you in changing your screen according to the time in your Zone. It dims, increases and changes the color of the screen according to your sky, whether and room conditions.

7 zip


Although Windows contains its own Windows archiving facility, that does not help in comprising large files to the extent that we want. It also does not have features like splitting the archive into various files so that they can be uploaded on almost all file sharing sites. Seven zip helps in compressing the files very thin 7–zip archives that can be split into any amount of small archives. 7-zip archives can be easily extracted using 7-zip or win rar.

Flash fxp

Windows does have the facility to export files using FTP, but that can only be done using command prompt that is not that flexible. Using programs like Flash fxp, FileZilla, and others, you can have a GUI interface to deal with FTP things.


It is a must have tool for anyone who want to clean up their windows completely and increase its speed by doing so. CCleaner completely erases all the waste files on your system and provide you functionality to choose between – what to delete and what not to.


Comment us to tell what your favorite one is! If you have any other tools that you regularly use on your Windows PC then also right below.